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56th Annual Dinner and Dance - 2003

In the afternoon before the 2003 dinner-dance Ontario Basque Club offered a dance session to teach members a few dances from the Basque Country. Gazte Mundu 2002 participants taught dances they learned in the program. Joe and Patty Yraguen were among the dinner servers for the 2003 dinner dance. Over 500 meals were served at the 2003 dinner dance.
A view of the dinner tables A view of the dinner tables
Dan Gabiola displays the auction lamb at the 2003 dinner dance. Frank Yraguen seemed to enjoy himself as he took bids for the 2003 lamb auction. dance03_auction.jpg (35454 bytes)
Timmie Echanis and her nephew Frank Yraguen in action at the 2003 dinner dance Dancers enjoyed the music of the local band, Skip-It.
mahaia.jpg (114470 bytes)